Hi! I'm Maria F Velandia, a Fashion Designer, Art Curator, and a Creative director currently based in Miami, FL. United States. I'm also a Fashion Designer professor and Design Consultant, specially in the fields of Research and Development. Say hello at my social media Ephemeral art gallery @4oojoos on Instagram 

Over the years, I have built a successful career in Fashion Design and Creative director in cultural events through my ability to assess situations quickly and accurately with creative ideas, good taste, focus on strategies, and thus delivering results. Living abroad, I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge, more than 10 years of experience in Art and Design Industry. I would like to be able to use my creative skills to achieve goals and provide high quality service, support and coordinations to reach the goals. I have also succeeded in conducting Contemporary, Vanguardist Art Galleries and design abroad, which has helped me achieve strong work ethics while generating careful attention to details. I’m also used to working with people in all levels of an organization. In addition, I am creative, responsible, dynamic and someone who listens and analyzes with great adaption, which has given me the opportunity to expand ideas by reaching new businesses in the local community. As a professional, I feel that I have a lot to offer you. I have had prior experience with Runway and Showroom Collection  in different areas such a clothing for male and female. I look forward to hearing about the next step in the hiring process. Thank you for taking the time to study my resume and portfolio. My enthusiasm for fashion began as a child, due to the fact that my father is a designer and created his brand by himself, growing up between the factory, stores and a very fast paced business environment gave me the opportunity of learning all the positions needed to run the company. I had the chance of going to college in Colombia (The most important Latin American textile industry); living abroad helped me to open my understanding of the world and different cultures, I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge in more than 10 years of experience in fashion design.

My interest in fashion is the gas of my creativity. The skills I have built on my own through my profound interest in the area and my skills developed throughout education make me the perfect candidate to take on. I have learned that the most important things to maintain are attendance, attention and independent study.

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(305) 440 4522

Resource & Platforms:


Illustrator/Photoshop/Patterns and Cutting Software AUDACES VERSION 8.70 (Fashion Design Textile Machine) /HTML/HTTP/JavaScript

Blackboard system

 MLS System, Matrix, Mailchimp, Design, Web developer, Computer sciences.

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2010-2011 Zoom Magazine 

ZOOM Magazines, 4Ojos Ephemeral Gallery of Art and Design.

2009 Newspaper  

EL COLOMBIANO for the Ephemeral Art Gallery 4Ojos.

2006 Young creators

Colombia Moda Runway (International Fashion Show).

2005 Young creators  

Mall El Tesoro with a Man Collection.

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  • Bilingual English/Spanish.
  • Excellent Coordination, able to interact with other individuals.
  • Productive in a high volume, high stress environment.
  • Efficient, hard working, organized professional with ability to multi-task.
  • High level personal integrity, fast-learner, and responsible.
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership, and self motivated
  • Good judgment and problem solving skills and interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork, reliable.


 Cohort K, Fall 2018 – Spring 2019  ACUE (MFI - MDC)

  • Effective Teaching Practices.

2016 . 2017   The Idea Center  (Miami Dade, College)

  • Webdev (Web developer) 

2014 Kaplan International College (Australia, Melbourne)

Intensive course, British English Language and Grammar, Focus.

2003 . 2009 Coorporacion Colegiatura Colombiana

Bachelor of Fine Art Fashion Design


2007 . 2008 L’Estrie language school (Ottawa, Canada)

Course, English Language and literature, General.

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2012- 2019 Curator & Creative Director 


Real Estate + Art

  • arthomemiami.com / 4oojoos.com
  • Selected the Artists 
  • Coordinated with the Interior Designer 
  • Selected the Houses
  • Art Home Miami @arthomemiami (BROKER LIC.)

2018  Professor at Miami Fashion Institute MDC 

  • Design II
  • Fashion Illustration technology (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop) 

2018 Styling & Creative Director at fervelfashion.com/shop

  • Design UX UI website
  • Visual and Styling design for spring collection 2018
  • Head Designer Marketing 

2016 - Fashion Show IMF (WYNDWOOD IS FASHION)

  • Creative director
  • Runway Collection (Fashion Designer)
  • Curator (Invited and Selected the Designers)
  • Created Website

2008-2018 Founder and Creative director at Ephemeral Art Gallery, 4Ojos. http://4oojoos.com/ 

  • Founder and Creator of the Project
  • Curator
  • Creative Director
  • Convocation of artists 
  • Artists database
  • Logistic, Permits and insurance
  • Trade show manager
  • Hiring and supervising contractors 
  • Booking venues
  • Marketing, Publicizing the event
  • Trade show manage
  • Website.

2011–2012 Head Design in Man and Woman Lines, FERVELFASHION

  • Designed the Brand direction for each collection, included the following lines : Casual, Basic Sport, Fashion and Formal.
  • Created digital and garments patterns for samples and production (AUDACES VERSION 8.70).
  • Worked with production engineers, sales representatives, fabric designers and manufacturers. 
  • Managed product development, Collection 2011 of Basic Sport, Casual, fashion and formal lines.
  • Monitored production of samples and production.
  • Researched lifestyle and design trends .
  • Designed and developed lines for knits.
  • Concepts in apparel, Sewing techniques, technical sketches.

  • 2010-2011 Visual Merchandising, FERVELFASHION

  • Product development, Style Director, Makeup and direction of photography
  • Work with visual merchandising and sales to coordinate ordering and distribution of sales samples.
  • Designed the display and any special features it should incorporate (such as chairs, models and computers).
  • Advertising billboard.
  • Created Website  2011
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